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This page will be updated with more information as it becomes available. Last updated 31/03/2021.

After a year of not being able to do all the things we want in Scouting I think we deserve an adventure! We all know things aren’t quite back to normal though so this will be an adventure tailored to the current position we are in. There are also a couple of options available to book onto.

Hampshire Beavers Ferny Crofts Adventure

The weekend that had been set aside for our camp will still ring with the sound of excited Beavers at the County site. With a choice of Saturday 10th or Sunday 11th July. The day will include 4 activities including archery and climbing for all and a selection of other activities to round out the day. We will run with groups of around 15 Beavers Scouts who stay together for their activities. While there will be lots of Beavers on site there will not be big joint activities. While by July we hope to have less restrictions we will stick to this under an abundance of caution.

This does mean numbers are limited. There is capacity for 16 groups per day so we hope to sell out quickly. If we do there is scope to run the event again later in the year thanks to the great support from the team at Ferny’s. 

Hampshire Beavers Local Adventure

While we hope to see lots of smiling Beavers at Ferny Crofts we know we don’t have capacity for all who would like to join in and also that Hampshire is huge so for many the travel wouldn’t be feasible. We are also encouraging colonies and districts to have their own adventure! While the weekend of the 10th July is the focus this can be whenever you want and wherever you want. Why not go for a hike in the woods, or to your local indoor climbing centre or even just have a big campfire!

Hampshire Beavers Virtual Adventure

If your colony are still online you can still have an adventure! We want as many people as possible to join in and you can make whatever you want of the day. 

Fabulous exclusive goodies

We know one of the highlights of our County events is the goodies we get. 2021 shouldn’t be any different! Everyone who participates will get an exclusive badge, woggle and water bottle. In our 35th anniversary year the woggle will be a throwback maroon leather.

The cost of the event is £15 for the Ferny Crofts Adventure and £6 per leader to cover the goodies. The Local and Virtual Adventures are £6 per goodies set plus postage per order.

Please note if you book the Ferny Day and we are unable to run it your booking will be converted to a virtual adventure and the difference in price refunded.

To book Ferny crofts visit forms.office.com/r/fEMCHTQDX2

To buy local or virtual goodies visit shop.bvr.org.uk/product/adventure/

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