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Free resources? Yes please! A growing number of organisations have made resources for us to use to help deliver the Beaver activity badges quickly and easily. Let’s take a look at 5 activity badges with great resources thanks to supporters.

Animal Friend with Pets at Home

Pets at Home’s support for the Animal Friend badge is two pronged: store visits and activities.

Beaver colonies can arrange for visits to Pets at Home stores to see animals, learn how to look after them and maybe even stroke them! Memories made for any young person so one to put in the diary for when face to face Scouting resumes.

The list of activities though is not limited to one place or time. With a whole host of activities from Make Do Share ready to use there is also a whole activity book which our young people and pick up and earn.

Discover it all at scouts.org.uk/supporters/petsathome

Hikes Away and Nights Away with Go Outdoors

Where do we start with Go Outdoors? Well how about the discounts: 10% off for Beaver Scouts and 15% off for leaders.

Plus there are booklets specifically for preparing for a hike and night away getting our Beavers to think about what they’ll need. Plus there are Make Do Share activities on exploring the countryside code, caring for our boots and a whole book on Campfire Cooking!

Grab your gear at scouts.org.uk/supporters/go-outdoors

Digital Maker with Raspberry Pi

Our Beaver Scouts these days practically live on computers but do they know how it all works? This is such an important skill these days but you may not know how to begin or how to make a six year old understand. Enter Raspberry Pi.

If you thought of dessert then think again. They make a small, easily codable computer (think BBC Micro but the size of a credit card) that older children often learn how to use and they’re all about teaching kids how computers work.

They’ve made a series of packs that cover every part of the Digital Maker badge with fun direction games that ground them in Scouts trademark outdoor activities. Plus there are videos to help you as well so anyone can use it.

Don’t have an internet connection? No problem because having no computer won’t stop you from understanding how a computer works.

Connect at scouts.org.uk/supporters/raspberrypi

Health and Fitness with Jaffa

Multiple activity sheets for every part of the Health and Fitness activity badge looking at exercise and a healthy diet. And that’s before you consider all the Make Do Share activities and games to use (wordsearch for wet camps or entry time anyone?).

Plus you can download a voucher for £1 off every Jaffa product to get your young people eating healthily.

Find all the juicy details at scouts.org.uk/supporters/jaffa

Global Issues with Recycle Now

Recycle Now are all about helping your Beavers learn about recycling and why it is vital to saving our planet. They provide activities to help support some parts of the Global Issues badge, namely the recycling and endangered animals parts.

These activities have a real joined up approach and work towards different parts of different badges.

You can complete the cycle at scouts.org.uk/supporters/recyclenow

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