6th September 2022
Hares of Hampshire Challenge

Hampshire Scouts are supporting Murray Parish Trust’s Hares of Hampshire sculpture trail in the summer of 2022. Just because the hares and leverets have hopped away It isn’t too late to earn your badge! To earn the badge we recommend (for Beavers and Cubs) to complete 3 activities each from the 3 sections. You may […]

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19th July 2022
Paultons Park 2022

8 October – Basingstoke Districts15/16 October- Everyone else This year we have the exciting opportunity to return to Paultons Park for a day of adventure! A firm staple of the Hampshire Beavers calendar we are excited to still have this on the calendar but as with last year but there are a few differences:•          A lower […]

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8th July 2022
Hare today, gone tomorrow

Hares of Hampshire We are into week 4 of the Hares of Hampshire sculpture trail for Murray Parish Trust. It has been great seeing adults and children discovering our 3 leverets amongst the other wonderful sculptures in Winchester. It has been even better seeing Scouting groups get involved, have you taken your Beavers yet? The […]

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15th April 2022
Around the World Camp 2022

Around The World Camp 2022 is Hampshire Beaver Scouts' County Beaver Scout Weekend Camp. It will be held during the weekend of 18-19 June 2022.  Building on the success of our events in 2017 and 2019 (and for some reason delayed from 2021) we are back at Ferny Crofts in the New Forest for a […]

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1st February 2022
Hares of Hampshire 2022

**The design competition has now closed this page will be updated with badge and trail info soon** After 4 successful years of Ginormous Teddy Bears’ Picnics for Murray Parish Trust we are very excited to be joining in with their next adventure (as well as hopefully some more picnics!). In the summer of 2022 there will […]

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22nd March 2021
Hampshire Beavers Bronze Award Support Survey

All, As we navigate these interesting times the team and I was rather hoping that I could you could assist us in finding a way of making it easy for you lovely Leaders in getting more Beavers through their Chief Scout Bronze Award? This would help in addressing HQ’s aspiration of getting at least half […]

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1st February 2021
Beaver Scouts at Home: Activities online

As Scouts we love to get outdoors and try new things. But with winter and everything going on, we know its hard to think of ideas of what to do right now. To help you deliver great online Scouting, we’ve pulled together our list of places to find great ideas. Press Play activities These two […]

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1st December 2020
Risk Assessments

scouts.org.uk/volunteers/staying-safe-and-safeguarding/risk-assessments We all do risk assessments or safety checks everyday, for example, when we cross the road. We choose an appropriate place to cross, look both ways and make a decision about whether it’s safe to cross. We know that children and young people learn by doing. Activities encourage the development of young people and […]

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11th October 2020
Hampshire Scouts Pennants

Click here for the Hampshire Scouts Pennant template Hampshire Scouts have embarked on a new project involving every Section, Group and Unit in Hampshire, bringing us all together as we start to return to normal Scouting. The idea is for each Section, Group and Unit to create a pennant so we can join them together and display them at Activity Centre locations and future events.  We would like your Section, Group or Unit to design […]

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1st August 2020
Hampshire Beaver Scout Leaders Newsletter

Did you know there is a newsletter for all our wonderful Beaver Scout Leaders across Hampshire? This is in addition to the Hampshire Scouts Update and is published roughly monthly or when we have some exciting news. It is available to Assistant District Commisioners, Leaders and any other adults or Young Leaders in the Beaver […]

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24th June 2020
Teddy Bears Picnic for Hampshire Beaver Scouts

Things will look a little different for the Hampshire Beaver Scouts Teddy Bears Picnic this year - but that won't stop hundreds of 6 to 8-year-olds from enjoying themselves. Young people will enjoy the event from their homes, which will will form the third year of partnership with the Murry Parish Trust, a charity which […]

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8th June 2020
5 resources to help achieve the activity badges

Free resources? Yes please! A growing number of organisations have made resources for us to use to help deliver the Beaver activity badges quickly and easily. Let’s take a look at 5 activity badges with great resources thanks to supporters. Animal Friend with Pets at Home Pets at Home’s support for the Animal Friend badge […]

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7th June 2020
Making the programme planning tool work for you.

Whether you’re a brand new leader or an old hand at this, the Scouts’ new programme planning tool is here for you so you can run your colony with ease. Available at scouts.org.uk/programme-planner, it’s the result of years of work and is full of ideas directly linked to badges, awards and the Chief Scout’s Bronze […]

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1st June 2020
Going for greens: reviewing your programme.

We all like to know when we’re doing a good job and know what we could improve. If we never learn from our failures then we’re doomed to repeat them and we wouldn’t continue to grow as a movement. So how do we know when we’re doing a good job? Thankfully the answer can be […]

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