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Hampshire Scouts are supporting Murray Parish Trust’s Hares of Hampshire sculpture trail in the summer of 2022. Just because the hares and leverets have hopped away It isn’t too late to earn your badge! To earn the badge we recommend (for Beavers and Cubs) to complete 3 activities each from the 3 sections. You may want to do less with squirrels or more with Scouts and Explorers or adapt the challenges, it’s up to you – it’s about taking part more than doing exactly the same. 

Badges are available from shop.bvr.org.uk for £2 each or £1.50 if you order at least 10 (in any combination) and are available in Squirrel, Beaver, Cub, Scout, Sea Scout, Explorer and Adult uniforms and are approved as occasional badges which can be worn on uniform.

The March Hare
Badge LinksBVR creative, cooks, health and fitness, creative challenge
ChallengesMake and decorate bunny biscuits    
Create decorations for a “mad hatters tea party” include march hare masks and hats 
Create and make a menu filled with munchies the march hare would like to eat (don’t forget the carrots)
Learn how to make a “proper” cup of tea
Create a hare themed invitation to invite a friend to you march hare tea party 
A craft or food item agreed by your leader 
Hop to it
Badge LinksBVR Creative challenge, Health and fitness
ChallengesPlay some hare/rabbit themed games (sleeping bunnies, leap hare(frog) etc)
Learn and sing bunny related songs (little bunny foo foo, Hare um scare um (loony toons song))
Look at the Hare and the tortoise story 
Hare related problem-solving skills (maze to the carrot, hare, carrot and the fox across the river)
Sponsored hop Another
Activity agreed by your leader 
Homes for hares
Badge LinksBVR explore, builder, animal friend, creative
ChallengesFind out about wild hare habitats, food and family make up 
Find out about domestic bunny care 
Design and build a fantasy hare house 
Go for a hike in nature and see if you can spot Hare/bunny tracks, poo, nests 
Create a colony hare collage using natural materials 
Another Activity agreed by your leader 

Download the challenge sheet here

Buy the badges here

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