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Things will look a little different for the Hampshire Beaver Scouts Teddy Bears Picnic this year - but that won't stop hundreds of 6 to 8-year-olds from enjoying themselves.

Young people will enjoy the event from their homes, which will will form the third year of partnership with the Murry Parish Trust, a charity which supports children's emergency services across the South of England by raising money and awareness to support projects at key trauma centres.

Over 2018 and 2019, Beaver Scouts came together at picnics across Hampshire to raise more than £2,000 towards the fundraising for a new Children's A&E at Southampton General Hospital.

As the original plans for 2020 couldn't continue, due to the temporary suspension of face-to-face Scout activities, it became clear things would be a little different and a digital spin would need to be put on the event.

Jess and Caitlin, Beaver Scouts from Tadley, said they always find the event fun: "The Picnic was a great get together, we really enjoyed the scavenger hunt and all the different things people were finding.  

"It was a good to see all the beavers and leaders we know and all the beavers from other lodges.  

"The singing was fun especially watching mum and dad's faces when badger was leading us as we sang the eclair song."

The month of June is the core month for Ginormous Teddy Bear's Picnic so we made that the core month for Hampshire Beavers Ginormous Teddy Bears Picnic for Murray Parish Trust 2020.

To take part, groups can run a picnic over a video-call, photo challenge, or even set up a teddy bear trail through their community.

We already have more than 400 Beaver Scouts, Young Leaders and leaders signed up and for each one with at least £1 going to Murray Parish Trust who, in this unusual year, are concentrating their efforts on all our healthcare heroes in the NHS.

Michael Collins, the volunteer manager for Beaver Scouts in Hampshire, praised the efforts of volunteers and families who have supported with planning the online-digital event.

He said: "While 2020 has been a challenge for all of us I think that our picnics will help make some great memories while also raising funds for a great cause."

Click here for more information on the picnic - and how you could get involved

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