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As we navigate these interesting times the team and I was rather hoping that I could you could assist us in finding a way of making it easy for you lovely Leaders in getting more Beavers through their Chief Scout Bronze Award?

This would help in addressing HQ’s aspiration of getting at least half the Young People in the association, their top award by 2023.

Just a reminder that for a Beaver Scout to achieve their Chief Scout Bronze Award, they need to complete all the current challenge awards

•    My world challenge
•    My skills challenge
•    My outdoors challenge
•    My adventure challenge
•    Teamwork challenge
•    Personal challenge

As well as achieve any four activity or staged activity badges.

With that in mind, may I ask you to respond to the survey questions below, it should take less than 10 minutes and will greatly benefit the County team in helping you.

Please put your District, Group and Contact details on all responses and thank you ever so much. This is thinking mainly about non-Covid times which we hope are gradually returning, we know Covid will have added additional challenges but that is not the purpose of this survey.

Visit bit.ly/3sbujpf to complete the survey.

Yours In Scouting

Michael Collins
ACC Beavers

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